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  • December 8, 2008

    Reducing Costs When Ordering AustLon®

    Economic uncertainty often means that companies look for ways to cut costs. That’s understandable, but cutting costs does not have Read story

More about AUSTLON®

AustLon® types

In addition to the three grades of AustLon® where the impact and wear properties and modified, we also provide fillers that enhance the performance of AustLon® further.

AustLon®-Oil filled: contains high viscosity, industrial grade oil which is evenly dispersed within the material. AustLon® oil filled material provides an oil boundary layer to reduce friction. The oil used enables designers to accomodate higher surface pressures.

AustLon®-Natural: is free on any additives. It is ideally suited to applications where food grade compatibility is a primary requirement. In addition, natural AustLon® provides excellent electrical insulating properties.

AustLon®-Black: is highly crystalline and the hardest material. It is well suited to applications that require resiliance to high surface pressures (eg rollers and wire rope sheaves). AustLon® black also has exceptional ultra-violet (UV) properties for long-term outdoor applications.

Austlon® Data Sheets