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  • December 8, 2008

    Reducing Costs When Ordering AustLon®

    Economic uncertainty often means that companies look for ways to cut costs. That’s understandable, but cutting costs does not have Read story


Austane® is a high-tech engineering elastomer, manufactured in Australia by McNeall Plastics Pty. Ltd. Austane® has a special combination of physical and  chemical properties, as well as unsurpassed mechanical properties. These include, exceptional resistance to abrasion and tear propagation, low compression set and extreme resilience in dynamic load applications. There are various grades of hardness which are produced according to specific job requirements. Even the hardest grades have high elongation at break and rebound resilience.

Austane® is produced by a special hot casting process. It can be cast manually or by machine in open moulds. Austane® can be made to adhere firmly to a variety of base materials, such as metals and polyamides.

Thus, from the specific mix of raw materials to casting the end product, Austane® is custom-made to suit the particular application. It is a new engineering solution to problems in mechanical engineering, plant equipment and contemporary technological fields.

A modern specialist plant, precise specifications and stringent quality control ensures a consistently high quality product.